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JParkerRadio is your top choice for discovering new hits or tuning into the most fascinating radio shows. Tune in and let our hosts and DJs entertain you with amazing music, fascinating events, and more.


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Our Shows

What’s On-Air

There are always interesting radio shows to listen to on Jparkerradio. Our Radio Station is proud to serve the whole internet with Playing the best hits from now til then.


The DET10 Show

9 am to 9:30 am

Join your Host Daniel for some great christian music on your Saturday Morning

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The First Knight Experience

9 pm to 11pm EST

Tune in every Friday for Tha First Knight Experience from 9 PM to 11 PM EST

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The Kayden Gordon Show

Join DJ Kayden on Tuesday,Wednesday from 6-8PM EST and Thursday from 4-7pm EST

Join DJ Kayden play country and pop songs and hang out on JParkerRadio

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Saturday Morning Throwbacks With Chris

12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Join the one and only Chris from Heat FM bringing his to be replay here on Sundays from 12 P.M to 3 P.M.

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Outlaw Radio

8 AM To 11 AM

Tune in every Friday morning for Outlaw Radio with your host Bad Billy bringing you the best hits and interviews from around the world.


Moldie Memories

2 am to 5 am US EST and 7 am to 9 am UK Time

Join DJ Moldie every Wednesday from 2 am to 5 am us est and 7 am to 9 am uk time for some great tunes from around the world.


Essential House

11 pm to 1 am

Join DJ Antony for three hours every Saturday Night for three hours to hear the best tracks from around the world and beyond.


Pop Culture Cosmos

7 am to 8 am

HJoin Gerald for an hour of some great talk about movies that are being made


CgChristian Music Spotlight

55 PM TO 6 PM US Time

Join Brian David for an hour for some great christian music


Wake Up With DJ Chris

Heading 2

5 AM to 7AM


Mr. Biz Radio

11 am to 2 pm

Join Mr. Biz for some great business talk only on Saturdays and Sundays


The Mike Radio SHOW

2 PM to 4 PM


8PM to 11PM

Join the guys for three hours as they bring you the best topics that you are interested in 

Join DJ Chris for three hours for some great music and talk for the start to you Friday morning

JParkerRadio's Staff Directory


Jacob Parker

Owner/ CEO

Jacob Parker is the owner of JParkerRadio. He decided to make this station back in October of 2019. He is also a DJ for Rocking Waves 11924 .


Anna Parker


Anna is the wife of Jacob Parker the owner of Jparkerradio and she has been there since he wanted to start his station.

Heading 3

Join MikeDee for two hours for some great music and fun on Thursdays

Shows (cont.)

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Sipin Tea with Nae Nae

6 pm to 7 pm

Join your host Rica for some great interviews and music

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The Charles Richardson Show

Join Charles on wednesdays and Friday Live for three hours of fun

James Doe

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7 pm to 9 pm

About JParkerRadio

JParkerRadio started in November 2019 and is run by Jacob Parker and we play the best variety in music that you love 


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